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Good leadership requires a clear commitment to the principles of both the overall program and the daily progress of the people. It can be said that leadership is not only about translating vision into reality but also about making other people better. Ken has paid careful attention to both objectives, as his influence has not only driven Avon to be a special school and community but also improved the lives of thousands of Avonians. This combination leaves a powerful legacy, and I will be forever grateful to know him as a mentor, colleague, and friend. “While Ken’s overall vision and routine guidance has inspired Avon to be the ‘best school for boys,’ it is the manner in which he responds to crises that I find so impressive. Unfortunately, as headmaster, there are some difficult days and serious circumstances that require clear thinking and composed responses. It is in

these moments when people look to the leader for clarity and guidance. I have witnessed Ken lead the school through fires, floods, and super-storms; I marveled at his composure in directing the community on 9/11 and the many difficult days that followed; I admired his commitment to mission when dealing with mistakes made by valued members of our community. It was in these particular moments, that his strength of character, humanity, and commitment to our mission gave an uncertain community the confidence and direction it needed to move forward. Put simply, we all knew we would be OK because of Ken’s skillful words and measured actions. “These difficult moments are balanced by times I treasure as so much fun! Ken has a playful side to him that is irresistibly charming. When he sheds the coat and tie and you see him wearing a Hawaiian shirt, be prepared!”

Robert Dowling ’91, P’21, Provost


Spring 2018 The Avonian

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The Avonian, Spring 2018  

The Avonian, Spring 2018