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I was a member of the AOF Board of Directors back in 1997-1998 when we were looking for a new headmaster to follow the legendary George Trautman. Ken was the clear choice for the Board for many reasons, and it was obvious that he was the right man at the right time to lead the school into the new millennium. “Ken and I spent several hours together talking about the opportunities open to AOF and how to galvanize the school to move boldly into the future. AOF was steeped in tradition, but our conversations focused primarily on the need for and importance of core values, both for him and for the school. Ken quickly grasped the centrality of strong, consistent, ethical core values as the basis for the school’s mission. I recall him looking at me during one of those conversations and saying, ‘Then everything we do educationally, socially, athletically … everything we do every day has to reflect, support, and amplify our core values because they are the foundation for all we do.’ He is smart and he got it instantly. “I smiled and asked him to see if he would make a

short, tight list of core values that reflected the traditions and fabric of AOF to set the stage for all the actions he, as headmaster, would undertake to lead the school forward. Ken was … and is … amazing. He crafted a list of core values that has stood the test of time. He fostered and reinforced them with faculty, students, parents, and the Board. He cemented these core values on top of the AOF traditions he had come to understand and love. And, in so doing, he provided the guiding principles of what have been two decades of unparalleled leadership at AOF. “Many things have changed at AOF over the more than 30 years I will have been connected to the school as a parent, faculty husband, board member, and next year as a grandparent. Things will continue to change, but the core values Ken has established will remain the basis for all that will be done going forward. And, when the boys become men, they will reflect these values in all they do because they will hear them echo and resonate in their minds: ‘Now we gather, men of Avon, men of honor, men of will.’ They will be true Men of Avon, who were taught and lived by solid core values established by Ken.”

Les Custler P’91

The Avonian Spring 2018


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The Avonian, Spring 2018  

The Avonian, Spring 2018