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Ken LaRocque was the right man in the right place at the right time. His leadership brought Avon to new heights and made Avon ‘the best school for boys.’ Ken’s legacy is how Avon has taken its rightful place in the arts, music, sports, and academics. By promoting new and updated academic programs, Ken ensured that Avon students will be prepared for the world of tomorrow. When you look back at all the changes that took place over Ken’s tenure, his career at Avon has been truly remarkable. Working with Ken was an honor and a pleasure.” Rolf Olson ’59, Former Chairman, Board of Directors


his very first day as headmaster, Ken LaRocque stood outside of morning meeting and took the time to greet every student. As the year drew on, he learned each and every one of their names; soon, he would know details about them, like what sports they played or where their families were from or what they worried about in class. Now, 20 years later, his mornings remain the same. He offers a smile or a handshake, asks a question about yesterday’s game, offers a comment on a particular choice of tie—or a firm suggestion that, perhaps, an outfit change is in order. Throughout the day, he is on the phone; he is in meetings. He wanders the dorms, he eats his meals in the Refectory, he cheers on the sidelines alongside the Avon Army. He walks the campus alone or with Heidi or any number of the family dogs that have been lucky enough to catch a ball on the Village Green, undoubtedly with each step both getting his exercise and also thinking about what’s next on his never-ending to-do list. In nearly 40 years, the campus has changed; the students have come and gone. The challenges have been many; the triumphs, extraordinary. Through it all, Ken has led the community with conviction, with integrity, with composure. And always with passion. When the day comes to say good bye, he will leave Avon Old Farms School having impacted the lives of thousands of students, faculty members, and friends and transformed the school into the powerhouse it has become today—and this Village will always welcome him home.

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The Avonian, Spring 2018  

The Avonian, Spring 2018