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of the school radio station for a few years. Art is currently the head of Jamerson Dorm, where he resides. Art left Avon Old Farms briefly to get his M.A. in history, also from Boston University, and simultaneously worked at St. Mark’s as head varsity football coach and a dorm head. He headed next to Pomfret, where he served as a history teacher and as head varsity football coach. In 2007, Art returned to Avon, and despite the hiatus, it was like coming home again. “What brought me back were the people, collegiality, and community atmosphere available here at Avon,” he explains. “This is the type of environment I wanted to be in. The relationships available at a place like Avon—with students, faculty, and staff—are special. Community is part of the structure of Avon, and I decided that was the place I wanted to be. I have been to other places, and the community here is powerful. I enjoy being part of it, and realized after some other experiences that Avon was where I wanted to be.”

When he’s not on campus, Art heads to his beach house in Newburyport, Mass., and enjoys going to the beach to read the paper or walk his dog each day. He also still often indulges his inner super-fan: “There has never been a free ticket that I have refused, and I go to a lot of college basketball and MLB baseball games,” he says. With the many relationships he fostered over the year— particularly with the underclassmen—it’s not surprising that he is frequently offered those opportunities. “Working with the younger students at Avon is something I really enjoy,” he observes. “I now coach thirds football and JV baseball. My classes are filled with freshmen and sophomores. I get them, and I understand I have a role in integrating them into life here at school. It is a responsibility I take seriously and one that I enjoy. “Helping a student find his passion and develop his talents, all while having a good time, is a special opportunity.”

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