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I want to finish a task, I focus 100 percent on it,” he states. “After finishing one task, I will attack the next one. Academic commitment shouldn’t stop us from doing more extracurricular activities. Instead, the more intense the schedule is, the more productive we actually are. Avon’s schedule is perfect preparation for us going into college, because it shapes students into more disciplined and well-managed young men.” Born and raised in Beijing, Jason has been at Avon for four years. Though he is an integral and extraordinary member of the student body, that didn’t come without struggle—from developing his confidence on stage and in the pool to learning to overcome the challenges of distance. “Being 7,000 miles away from home, I seldom have chances to see my family,” he comments. “At first, I would FaceTime my family very often. However, as the workload increased and I was more adjusted to boarding school life, the level of homesickness decreased accordingly. Now, I help many other foreign students with homesickness. I believe this will not be a challenge for me anymore in college, and I’m grateful for the Avon experience, which prepared me well for the next four years of my life.” Jason will attend New York University this fall, with plans

to major in business and political science. “I’m really passionate about two major issues: improving the urban air environments of China and lifting people out of poverty in rural China,” he explains. “I really see myself as a public policymaker in the future, to help make better living environments for urban Chinese and for those who are less fortunate.” Jason cites his own devotion to Buddhist teachings as crucial to his success everyday—“faith plays a relatively big role in my life,” he says—and Avon’s commitment to a diverse and plentiful curriculum and roster of faculty members as imperative to his success in the bigger picture at school. “It’s important for us to have a true liberal arts education at this stage of life: to try as many interests as possible,” he states. “I’m also extremely grateful for the wonderful faculty at Avon. They feel more like friends rather than teachers. I think close relationships with faculty members are tremendously important for the growth of young men, because we always tend to have someone to look up to as boys. I’m very fortunate to have had many Avon faculty members influence me positively.”

The Avonian Spring 2018


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The Avonian, Spring 2018  

The Avonian, Spring 2018