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“The collaborative experience working with Chris is one of the best of my career. There’s an immediate comfort and trust because of the depth of shared experience. There’s no restraint; we can be creative and take risks that typically take collaborators months or years to develop. Both our companies heavily value the Avon experience.” Michael Lech ’88


Spring 2018 The Avonian

their development both as people and professionals, particularly because of the challenges they each faced as students and the faculty members who equipped them with the tools they needed to overcome them. Chris recalls his first impression as clearly as if were yesterday. “I remember arriving through the north entrance and first seeing the water tower and gatehouse,” he says. “I was immediately captivated by the architecture. Walking through the Diogenes Archway into the quad flooded with students changing class, I was struck by how friendly everyone was and how clearly they were enjoying themselves. The whole experience was completely different from the institutional environment other schools offered. Upon entering the Cotswold Village, as Theodate had imagined it, through Eagle archway and seeing the Refectory, I was immediately convinced that Avon was the right place, and the community of friends I would make kept me there. “I think the feeling of community is my most treasured and lasting experience,” Chris observes. “Spending all your days among friends, playing, working, and learning, is not something that you can easily repeat in a lifetime—not as an adult. I’m sure I’m not alone in this feeling, but I also must admit that I was hugely challenged in ways that left me overwhelmed at times. I had my struggles. “While I was certainly challenged by many of the core requirements at Avon, there was still a time and place for

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The Avonian, Spring 2018  

The Avonian, Spring 2018