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You will be involved in conflicts this year and your reaction to them will, in a large way, define your career here. Recognize that we are all going to make mistakes, faculty and students alike. Sure, you are going to be angry, embarrassed, and hurt at different times over the next several months. Don’t obsess on those emotions; try to forgive your offender as quickly as possible and move on. No one wants you to be a doormat. Being a forgiving person doesn’t mean you are weak—just the opposite. You all have your own reasons for being here, and you all have goals you want to achieve. Being able to handle adversity, forgiving


Spring 2018 The Avonian

the trespasses of others, will free you to achieve your goals and to live your dreams. To spend your time here bogged down in conflict, feeling persecuted, angry, and picked on, will only guarantee mediocrity and won’t resolve anything. When you leave Avon and head off to college and adult life, having cultivated your ability to forgive will pay large dividends. The world is simply not a nurturing place. Everybody is looking to get ahead and if you are in his or her way, watch out! Offenders abound; you will be bombarded everywhere you turn. The unforgiving people you meet will far outnumber the forgiving ones. But if you look carefully, you will notice the forgiving ones will be happier and more successful people. I hope you will choose to be among this group!

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The Avonian, Spring 2018  

The Avonian, Spring 2018