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Star decided that he and his family needed their own home there, to satisfy his desire for the ranch life. In 1957 he found out that a couple from Bellport had purchased a threeacre property on the hilly east side of East Lake Drive. They were in the process of building their hilltop dream house, but had only gotten as far as putting in the foundation when they decided to sell. Dr. Star seized the opportunity, purchased the property, and built his own dream home right on the existing foundation. He was now a real Montauker. But how was he going to combine his professional career with his passion for ranch life? In his typical style, he had decided to learn to fly a plane. Every Friday he and Winifred would pile into their car with the kids, drive from their home in Lawrence to Kennedy Airport, and fly a half hour to Montauk Airport, which was conveniently located right on East Lake Drive. Never doing anything in a small way, Dr. Star decided to develop his property into what he called Startop Ranch, and then adding 50 more acres of ranch land, with its own racetrack, horse barns and viewing stand. Startop eventually became one of the most

successful thoroughbred breeding and training ranches on the East Coast. Even his horses became official Montaukers, with names like “Shagwong,” “Culloden Point” and, of course, “Startop”. Even all of this was not enough for Dr. Star’s entrepreneurial nature. So, to cash in on the bowling craze of the time, in 1960 he built two bowling alleys, called Star Lanes, one in Southampton and one in East Hampton (now East Hampton Bowl). The incredible life of Dr. Leon Star is a testament to the fact that real property is not just imaginary lines drawn around rocks, trees and dirt, but it is also the sum of human experiences that have taken place there and they make it a very special place.

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A: Yes. Generally we’re there in the summer months, we had to cut it short this year to do this show. We’re there every November to pick the olives from our 125 trees. It’s intensive labor for three or four weeks. Q: When did you last have a great meal? A: Yesterday. We had lima beans, Italian frying peppers, tomatoes and corn from Fairview Farm in Bridgehampton. Q: What East End restaurants have you enjoyed? A: The Dockside in Sag Harbor. I think we’ll have lunch at Page 63 today; I had a take-out Chicken BLT from Estia’s. It’s frustrating to hear about great restaurants when we only have Monday nights free. We’ve been doing lunches though. Q: What’s your next book? A: It’s a novel, not about food, although there are crab cakes in it. It’s titled So It Goes and Overlook Press will release it in March. I just finished the copy edit—it’s kept me too busy to work on my blog. This weekend I’ll be posting about the great farms and farmers markets out here. The corn is spectacular! Today we’re going to check out Balsam Farms in Amagansett. We’re going to try to visit our friend Eberhard Muller’s Satur Farms on the North Fork next week. Hopefully we can stop at Luce + Hawkins or Noah’s on that trip. Q: Can I make you a pie? A: YEEAH!

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Emmett Laffey to John & Tina Novogratz, 30 Laurel Hill Lane 2,750,000



Estate of Stephanie L Sieminski to Peconic Farms LLC, Peconic Bay Blvd 1,200,000


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Emily & James Schelter to Joan & Paul Reilly, 17 Beach Lane 2,800,000 PF6 LLC to Lisa & William Russell, 15 Post Fields Lane 1,725,000 36 PM LLC to 260 Jobs Lane LLC, 260 Jobs Lane 8,000,000 Farid Naib to Yinz Partners LLC, 33 Whalers Lane 8,690,000 36 PM LLC to 74 Pointe Mecox LLC, 74 Pointe Mecox 9ane 8,000,000 John & Susan Swobodzinski to Robert Tortora, 3 Redwood Road 1,332,500 FD HFZ Bridgehampton LLC to Highterr LLC, Highland Terrace 5,625,000 36 PM LLC to 264 Jobs Lane LLC, 264 Jobs Lane 5,275,000 D & M Bordwin to C & M Sternberg, 34 Cobblefield Lane1,985,000 Swords Rosselli Family LP to Highland Terrace Realty LLC, Highland Terrace 5,200,000 Ocean Heights Site Management Inc TO Dilex Realty LLC,16 Hampton Rd1,985,000 Estate of Shirley Helen V Davidson to And So It Goes LLC, Day Lily Lane 3,600,000 Zaida Girardi Dishy to Michael Wilens, 241 Sagaponack Road 3,500,000 Evelyn & Richard Cohen to Timothy B Boerkoel, 19 Elishas Path 2,400,000 Swords Rosselli Family LP to Highland Terrace Realty LLC, Highland Terrace 2,350,000 Allan Montoya to Carolyn Logan, 119 Sayres Path 2,250,000 Jonathan & Margaret Mandell to Jill E Kaiser, 14 Halsey Street1,450,000


EAST HAMPTON Barbara Bunny Bennett to Roseberry Real Estate EH LLC, 132 Watersedge 1,550,000 Olney M Gardiner to Crossroads Atlantic LLC, 124 Sag Harbor Turnpike 1,500,000 Robert Weisbach to Christine & James Weinberg, 96 Cove Hollow Road 1,450,000 Barbara D’Arcy White Living Trust to 16 Terbell Lane LLC, 16 Terbell Road 4,850,000


38 Cobb Hill LLC to Mona Aboelnaga, Cobb Hill Lane 3,350,000


Gloria & Michael Alhanti to James & Laureen Harris, 642 Dune Road 1,350,000 Estate of Jordan Gerber to The 3N Trust, 15 Hampton Close 3,500,000 Helen R Yellin to Felice & Shelley Bergman, 51 Dune Road 3,300,000


D Gregory & Gregory Herschell to JPS & Co LLC, 7 Hampton Harbor Road 1,725,000


Sales Of Not Quite A Million During This Period 99999 AMAGANSETT

Omar Cassim Jadwat to 25 Golf Club LLC, 25 Golf Club Drive 729,000


Estate of J Michael McGahey to Suffolk County, Northwest Path 850,000


Solly Herman to Grace Kao, 7 Semaphore Road 945,000



Imagine Prop. & Dev. LLC to Alitza & Richard Trumpler, 50 Terry Drive 621,777


Bradley & Patricia Ruppel to Sarah C Inglis, 13 White Birch Road 675,000


Fishermans Quarters Inc to North Highway LLC, 87 North Road 760,000

James A Saladino (Referee) to Retained Realty Inc, 12 Kings Lane 887,000

Nicholas & Patricia Motherway to Bryon & Lias Chew, 940 Laurel Court 850,000

Est of Carine C Roughan to Robert & Stefanie Kane, 24 Kennedy Drive 561,000

Estate of Augustine P Pisto to Kenneth & Licia Zegar, 18 Coolidge Road 931,000 Christine & Louis Warren to Janine A Silvera, 20 Duval Place 620,000 Vivian Darenberg Trust to Diane & Vincent Carillo, 52 Fairlawn Drive 620,000

Rebecca & Shaun Golden to Lori A Ialacci, 230 Hidden Acres Path 900,000



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Hoover & Mariela Londono to Simona Pelin, 1031 Noyack Road 590,000


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Dan's Papers August 26, 2011  

Dan's Papers August 26, 2011 Issue

Dan's Papers August 26, 2011  

Dan's Papers August 26, 2011 Issue

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