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Whether it’s five years, ten years, fifteen years, or even fifty years; as long as I can I will be working towards continuing Bahrain’s economic stability. 01 Portrait of His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Essa Al Khalifa


02 Sh. Mohammed bin Essa honours members of the Bahrain Businesswomen’s Society at the graduation ceremony for the ‘Marketing for Enterprises Programme’

Interview with His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Essa Al Khalifa What are you truly passionate about? Economy. The study of economics is a multifaceted field, and interlinks with other fields of study. To understand it, you need to be able to understand various factors and how they interlink with each other, to ultimately create this complex system for the movement of goods and services. This complexity has always intrigued me to appreciate this ever-evolving system, locally, regionally and internationally. I am also truly passionate about my country. Bahrain is a diverse country, in a unique position within the region. Being my homeland, I’ve always wanted to do more for it, in whatever way I can.

Your passion for promoting entrepreneurship and diversity in Bahrain’s economy is something you are wholeheartedly committed to. Why is that? This is a combination of my two passions, passion for my country, and a passion towards understanding economics. The economy is a pillar for the continuation of any state in the world, and Bahrain is no exception. Having a robust economy that can withstand hardships, remain established, and bounce back to growth in a cyclical nature, is very critical for a stable society.

You have worn many hats over the years. Which has been the most enjoyable for you, and why? Regardless of what role I take, I am and have always been involved in developing Bahrain’s economy and ensuring its stability. I have enjoyed all my roles, mostly because they have allowed me to pursue my passion for economic development. In Tamkeen, we work towards empowering Bahrainis to reach their

full potential and invest in up-skilling them to take responsibilities within the labour market, ultimately making them the employees of choice. All our programmes are targeted towards creating a suitable eco-system for success.

Where do you see yourself personally and professionally in the next five to ten years time? What would you like to achieve over the years and what legacy would you like to leave behind? Whether it’s five years, ten years, fifteen years, or even fifty years; as long as I can I will be working towards continuing Bahrain’s economic stability and development in the long-term, and strengthening it to make it capable of going through cycles of growth.

Who has been a big source of inspiration in your life and why?

I could always see, even when I was younger, the potential Bahrain had as a country and to witness a progress in the making over the years; it resonates with you. Ever since that time, I’ve made it my mission to ensure that my country continues on a path of prosperity and stability.

What do you consider your greatest achievements? Having a robust, stable economy, with the potential to grow is the ultimate objective, so I would say that my greatest achievement is my role in supporting the Private Sector and supporting Bahrainis to become the employees of choice through Tamkeen’s programmes. Since its establishment in 2006, Tamkeen has become an important pillar in empowering Bahrainis and the private sector to become the engine that drives Bahrain’s economy forward.

Anyone concerned with understanding the complex system that we call the economy, knows the father of modern economics, Adam Smith. During his time, Adam Smith was a revolutionary thinker, and was able to understand some of the forces of economy, and how they integrated with each other. Our understanding of economics has evolved since then, but he was a major pillar of its foundation. Adam had a unique way of thinking, which allowed him to set such a foundation, and it’s his comprehensive thought process that lets him give us an overall view of economic structure. On a smaller scale, I’m also trying to bring some different thinking and solutions to Bahrain’s economy.

What advice would you impart to Bahrain’s youth?

How has your upbringing and education helped shape who you are today?

I already do what I wish to do, not just one day, but every day.

Work hard, while pursuing your passion is a principal that any young person should follow. It’s a proven formula for increasing your chances of achieving your goals and aspirations. Don’t be afraid to take risks. Ask yourself, “What is the worst thing that could happen”. If you fail, try again. We’re here to support you. Tamkeen will be with you throughout your journey, whether you’re in high school, college, looking for a career, looking to establish a business, and even further than that.

If you had one day to do whatever it is you wish, what would it be, and why?

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Durrah issue 29  

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Durrah issue 29  

Luxury lifestyle quarterly publication for the Middle Eastern market