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Masterpiece 06 Jaleb chowk Safari, Amber Fort 07 Thakur Gaj Singh Alsisar, Rajasthan 08 ‘Way from Diwan-e-aam’

For portraits I prefer doing in person, but these days nobody has the time and patience for that. Wherever a photograph is available I go by that. However, sometimes very old photographs also come to me from royal families and sometimes these are not in great condition and you can’t see details of faces. I use my imagination to recreate faces, costumes and ornaments.

paintings of forts I have made. The villages nearby and the traditional dresses of Kota also inspired my paintings and choice of subjects, and I have painted many portraits of village folks.

What subjects do you enjoy painting the most and why?

Observation and to look at any subject closely, its proportions, what is the subject and why is it so. The analysis and attempt to understand all this is very important rather than just copying things. One can also learn by analysing techniques and styles used in the paintings by great masters.

Horses are my favourite subjects, but if we look from the point of view of learning, then human figures are the most challenging and also my favourite. Painting human figures involves all the problems; be it proportions or expression of emotions.

How has your hometown in Kota, Rajasthan influenced your work? In English Kota means fort. Kota, where I spent my younger days, was a town that was habituated inside a fort, but now of course the city has grown out of this. The high walls of the fort used to entice me, perhaps it led to my attraction to ancient architecture, which reflects in the

What qualities does one need to possess to produce such intriguing pieces of art like yours?

Where can people see your artwork today? My paintings are in the collections of many royal families of Rajasthan. Many of them are displayed in the Leela Kempinsky hotel, Bangalore; Alsisar group of heritage hotels, Jaipur; Laxmi Vilas Palace, Bharatpur; Mandawa House, Deogadh; and in individual collections. 06

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Durrah issue 29  

Luxury lifestyle quarterly publication for the Middle Eastern market

Durrah issue 29  

Luxury lifestyle quarterly publication for the Middle Eastern market