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01 The Meeting. Oil on canvas 02 The artist Omar Al-Rashid 03 Portray. Acrylic on paper 04 Knight Collation 1.

Oil on canvas

Born in Muharraq in 1966, AI-Rashid was inspired by the bright, vibrant colours of the seascape.

in my memory, and has been reflected very much in my paintings by using bold rich colours, but taking into consideration the contrast and balance of the paintings.

What are some of your other favourite subjects to paint, and is there anything you have no interest in painting? Horses, modern style, traditional stories, nature, the desert, and many other colourful, fun and joyous scenes are my favourite subjects to paint. I’m not interested in painting violent, bland or sad subjects. These bring a lot of sadness and death to the soul of art that I wish to paint.

What does the mix of modernity and tradition symbolise to you in your artwork? I usually start with using several colours, spread and distributed onto the canvas to create almost ready Modern Art Paintings. Then I use this base to reflect my traditional symbols, items and figures to merge them into the painting, which allows me to present my country’s traditions into modern art. My success has been mainly from achieving this balance of modernity and tradition within my paintings.

Can you tell us about your latest artistic collection and the inspiration and meaning behind it?


My latest artist collection is named ‘Horses’. I tried throughout this collection to ignore the details of the horse and replace them with a lot of colours. I also tried to draw the horse in a new style, away from the classic way of drawing it. I love horses, they are so amazing and sometimes I ride them, especially during my studies at the university in Cairo and when I return back to Bahrain. Bahrain has some of the most unique, distinctive and authentic horses, and I was interested to highlight this throughout my paintings.

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Durrah issue 29  

Luxury lifestyle quarterly publication for the Middle Eastern market

Durrah issue 29  

Luxury lifestyle quarterly publication for the Middle Eastern market