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05 The Master 1. Oil on canvas 06 Knight Collation 2. Oil on canvas 07 The Master 2. Oil on canvas


Colour plays an important part in your creations. What are your favourite colours to work with and what do they represent to you? I like to work with all types of different colours and each one has a different theme and characteristic. I try to use a lot of colour in each art creation, but I also take in consideration the balancing and contrast between warm and cold colours, by distributing them in the space and in the narrow corners of my paintings.

What is your ideal working environment? Creating art needs a peaceful and relaxed mind to enable inspired work, therefore, my family is very important, and having them around, with love. Also, positive energy, and positive thinking away from frustrations has a major impact on my creations.

As an avid experimenter, do you think your style will ever change as an artist? My style is getting more mature every time, it is developing and getting to another new dimension. Every collection has a new destination and a new area to present my style, but in a new developed, artistic way.

Where is the best place to see your work and where do you hope to exhibit in the future? My latest collection shall be in my gallery, but many of my paintings are displayed in 5-star hotels, such as the Four Season, Sofitel, The K, and Fraser Hotel. Many others are in museums, airports, and owned by important individuals. Having this success has made me proud and encouraged me to work harder to present more creative art. In future I hope to have some exhibitions in Paris and New York. I would like to have the opportunity to show my art to world.



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Durrah issue 29  

Luxury lifestyle quarterly publication for the Middle Eastern market

Durrah issue 29  

Luxury lifestyle quarterly publication for the Middle Eastern market