Easy-to-make digital marketing brochures

Unlock the power of digital marketing brochures. Instantly enhance your content with product links, embedded videos, SEO, fullscreen sharing, and more. Then, easily share across every platform with just a few clicks. 

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Marketing Brochures on any device, from desktop, to mobile.

How to make a marketing brochure shine:

  1. Upload your brochure into Issuu. Easily drag and drop files, or upload from your device.

  2. Get creative with it. Embed videos, add product links, create GIFs, and more. 

  3. Optimize for search engines and mobile to increase the discoverability of your brochure. 

  4. Distribute your new, interactive brochure quickly across all your digital channels.

  5. Review the readership metrics. Learn more about the success of your brochure using Issuu Statistics.


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