The Lab's Quarterly, 2008, n. 1

Page 127

Il Trimestrale. The Lab's Quarterly, 1, 2008 127

forms, we are approaching a development of an art, based on the union of time and space. Material, colour, and sound in movement are the phenomenons of simultaneous development, who integrate the new art.”124

These artists' aims move toward the generating principle of existence : the material. A material, not seen anymore in its statistics, but in its generating dynamics. Here it is the demanded birth of referring to a temporal-spatial unit. For the first time, therefore, we represent the two most essential elements of thought structures: space and time. “We understand the synthesis as a sum of physical elements: colour, sound, movement, time, space, which can integrate a psychical-physical unit. The colour, the element of space, the sound, the element of time, the movement which develops in time and space, are the basilar forms of new art, which contains the four dimensions of existence. Time and space. The new art required the function of all man's energies, in creation and in interpretation. The being shows himself integrally , with his complete vitality.”125

So, we have the conclusion of the “Manifesto Blanco”. The elements which, without any doubt, seem to me more interesting, are three: a revendication of some elements, important for Futurism, the centrality of the material inside a temporalspatial view, and a recall to Primitivism. In particular, concerning the first point, there is for example a consideration of the new technological world, dominated by the machine, not in exaltation terms, but as a historical product, that modern man must live with against his will. Omissions are very important; we miss a reference to how they want to use the new means. This analysis will be given to us many years later by Lucio Fontana inside the famous “Technical manifesto about Spatialism”, on the occasion of the first International Meeting of Proportions by the 9th Triennial of Milan, in 1951. In the first part of this important document, there is a synthesis of the “Manifesto Blanco”, while in the second one, we have the explanation of the technical elements which make up Spatial work. “All things originate from necessity and use the demands of their own to advantage. The transformations of material life means determine man's status through history. The 124 125

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