The Lab's Quarterly, 2008, n. 1

Page 160

New drugs between real and perceived consumptions. A comparative path of survey inside the school’s world.

Elisabetta Buonasorte Social research laboratory Department of Social Sciences. University of Pisa, Italy. +39 050 2212420 Abstract The aim of the present article is to offer to the reader the possibility to deepen the knowledge of the complex world of drugs; in particular about the addiction to drugs, his types, his causes, his social consequences. Considering that purpose, the phenomenon of drug and addiction will be analised through the study of two new consumption tendencies, developped in the last decades, and particularly considerable inside our society: dance drugs and work drugs. Both spread in particularly inside the juvenile universe, that is among individuals mostly inclined to the use and abuse of drugs. Talking about dance drugs the usual reference is to all those psychoactive substances whose consumption happens in the discos, in the amusement places, during the rave-parties and that can attract a very high number of consumers, especially among young and very young. Otherwise, talking about work drugs, it refers to the specific use of drugs to improve the physical and intellectual performances, being performances to study, to work, to make sport or sex. At the end of the present article, they will be exposed the results of the perception’s research – knowledge of the drug‘s phenomenon and addiction in reference to a not random sample of 436 young students of two different high schools in Pisa.

SUMMARY 1. Use, abuse and addiction 2. Dance drugs and work drugs 3. Research about the perception-knowledge of the young students of two different high schools in Pisa regarding the drug and addiction phenomenon. Bibliography

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