The Lab's Quarterly, 2008, n. 1

Page 165

Il Trimestrale. The Lab's Quarterly, 1, 2008


more specific. The use of psychedelic drugs or psychodrugs is spreading out very quickly, mostly as a consequence of the growth of the social fears. It’s well known, in fact, that the modern societies are going towards the end of the unanimous societies; a new society, selfishier and more individualistic is settling. The political and social conditions of the globalized world, in fact, with the ping-pong effect add anxiety to fear and fear to anxiety. It’s difficult to feel safe in such unstable conditions, in a social context that promises conflicts and gives all the time informations that very often remember the war bulletins. It’s for that reason that many scholars consider the use of psychoactive substances indispensable; without them it doesn’t seem them possible to face the daily life, they speak about a consumption that, in a not far away future, will involve all the social classes and both genders, without any distinctions. There are two different ways to read the work drugs phenomenon; the first one refers to the use of drugs to survive in a world always less apt for the humanity, the assumption of drugs just to have a simple result and a basic personal realisation of the individual, the second one refers, instead, to the use of drugs to excel, to have success, better and before the others, and, to do that, the personal strenghts are not always sufficient. It’s important, therefore, to focus on the competitiveness of the modern society that doesn’t give any discount nor facility to people who cannot afford them, it’s a competitive world were many are willing to do a lot to increase their own possibilities to reach a personal realization. In conclusion it’s possible to state that there are many different factors that may make an individual go towards the use of drugs: the need to sustain high rhythms of an exhausting professional activity, the wish a shy girl may have to be brilliant with the others or to feel sexually free, the research of amusement at any price and without limits or, again, the wish to go round with people who use drugs and to feel part of a group. The drug, therefore, the majority of the time, is assumed to have a better personal outcome inside the own community. «No drugs no future», it’s the title of the book of the German sociologist Amendt7, it’s explicative to underline how much the drugs are installed in our society and in our western societies in general and how much these will be indispensable for the future humanity. A humanity that will be forced to make a big effort to sustain the progresses of the digital era and its effects.


G. Amendt, trad. it. No drugs no future. Le droghe nell’età dell’ansia sociale, Milano, Feltrinelli, 2004.

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