The Lab's Quarterly, 2008, n. 1

Page 171

Il Trimestrale. The Lab's Quarterly, 1, 2008


Graphic 5: Percentage distribution on the possibility of conciliation between the weekly duties and the use of drugs during the week-ends. (N=181 females, 254 males) 57% 60%


50% 40% 19%



24% 27%

females males

20% 10% 0% no

yes, without problem

yes, with a good organization

As stated before, the research has had the aim to test the effective consumption of drugs by the analised sample; the research has underlined that the majority of students has used drugs at least one time during their life (graphic 6). Graphic 6: Percentage distribution of the consumption of drugs over the total amount of the analised sample. (N=436 answering)

no 46% yes 54%

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